Snoring hampers a good night’s sleep. As you get older, the condition gets worse. Many people don’t have much knowledge about how snoring can affect our health. There are people who take it as a joke, but it’s a serious health issue. It can create stress on a relationship and lead people to depression. You might be surprised to know that it is the third common reason for divorce; financial problems and adultery being the first two causes. It’s not only because the partner gets to sleep less, but also because the person who snores tend to have less sex. Following are snoring remedies compared – real and false.

snoring-11There are many anti-snore sleeping aids available in the market. You can get some special pillows that can reduce snoring. There is a mandibular advancement device that moves the jaw forward and opens the airway at the back of the throat. When a person snores, the soft tissue at the back of the throat vibrates. The mandibular advancement device stops this vibration.

There are several myths about snoring. Many believe that only men snore. But the truth is that women also snore, but men snore more. The reason for this may be men’s anatomy and lifestyle. Another misconception is that only people who are overweight snore. Skinny people snore also. If you are overweight, it increases the chance of your snoring. This is because the extra weight around your neck makes the inside of the throat narrower.

Many people consider snoring to be harmless; but snoring can have severe effects on health. It causes dysfunctionality and increases the chance of cardiovascular disease. In fact, people who snore have more chance of having heart attack or stroke rather than people who smoke or are overweight. It is not true that only people who sleep on their back snores. A study has shown that 54% of people who sleep on their back snores. So, even if you sleep on your sides, there is chance that you may snore. Another false assumption is that people who snore are in deep sleep. Sometimes, these people even wake up by the noise of their own snore.

Drinking alcohol before going to bed and smoking increases the chance of snoring. The condition gets worse when you get older. There are many remedies available for snoring which includes nasal strips, sprays, chin strips, etc. You should visit a doctor if your snoring gets worse.