There are biological, social and psyAngel-Cards 11chological benefits of meditation. Meditation is a broad range of practices involving self regulation of the mind. It induces various modes of consciousness. Meditation forms observable changes in the brain. A person’s brain has active neural connections which helps us to process information. Guided meditation letting go can make you feel relaxed.

Meditation helps turning your attention to a single point of reference. It involves focusing on the breath. Meditation means to turn your mind away from negative and destructive thought and focus on positive thoughts instead. Stress reduction is one of the major benefits of meditation. Meditation has produced positive results for fibromyalgia and psoriasis patients. There are many techniques available in meditation. Counting breaths, staring at a candle for a long time, or saying a mantra — all are different types of meditation. Meditation classes are now offered in many places. You can participate in those and learn how to meditate.

Meditation will help you to become more peaceful and focused. You will be less worried about pain, stress and other distractions. You can start meditating for only two minutes first. Then slowly increase the time up to 20 minutes a day. People often worry about where to sit, how to sit, etc. But, you can actually sit anywhere; in bed, chair or couch. Once you start your meditation session, pay attention to your breath. Breathe in and out at regular intervals. Repeat this to the count of ten. Your mind will start to wander after some time. You shouldn’t worry about that. When you mind starts wandering, just concentrate on your breathing again. At the beginning, you might feel difficult to concentrate. Don’t get frustrated; it’s only natural. You will soon learn to focus with more practice.

Try to clear your mind by stopping all thoughts. Avoid feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety, etc. Meditation is a very helpful tool for keeping your body and mind fresh. You can also practice meditation in your work place. People are often stressed out at work. So, meditation can help in removing those negative feelings. Meditation can help reduce pain and chronic diseases as well. Meditation helps to control your mind. Meditation can help to improve your relationship with family and friends as it takes away negative thoughts. If you are a short tempered person, meditation can keep a check on your temper as well.