In the world of automation there are advancements in each and every field. There are many improvements in technology as well as things so in order to get rid of some nasty things they invented the Electric-cig which is really a fantastic solution for people who are struggling hard to get rid of smoking. They also know that smoking is very dangerous and injurious for health because of that they are asked to use electrical cigarettes. These EQ Cigs are produced from different manufacturers but only few produce the genuine products and they are very famous in preparing accessories for e cigarettes. According to your style you can select you cigarettes they are really user friendly you can start up a new life by having this. Many people use this to test themselves. Really e cigarettes are very interesting and people also love those things.images 11

Will they provide genuine product and about shipping details?

They are available in online with different prices and quality based on our requirements we can buy them from internet by sitting in the home itself. Through these websites we can get much better information about the product as there are many videos and texts written over there about this e cigarette. One can subscribe to it easily by logging into their website. The most exciting thing is that they will ship all orders in and around 24 hours without fail. They are providing free shipping on orders over$500 and just 29 k in shipping on over $500. But orders best price e-cigarette (bästa pris e-cigarett)they will provide with best prices than any other. Because of all these qualities they are very famous and they having nearly 1000k clients all over the world they always respect their clients and provide them with best services.

What is e cigarettes and how it works exactly?

An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a electronic device which is very handy and user friendly. It works by stimulating the sensation of tobacco smoking by producing a water vapor which has the same physical sensation, appearance and taste of tobacco smoke but it don’t have  the odor and any harmful substances. An e-cigarette made of a battery and a filter with liquid smoke and heat elements. When you take a puff on one of your e-cigarettes is activated automatically and the liquid is heated by the heating element which then forms a thick steam. E-cig is, besides a fantastic investment for health which helps people to survive for more days, a very discreet and convenient thing to carry around – it takes no more space than a regular cigarette. E-cigarette aesthetics are pleasing; it feels elegant and sophisticated, clean and fresh. The vague smell coming from e cigarettes vapor is by no means disgusting, quite the contrary. E-cigarette pack contains three additional filters and a spare battery and can easily be recharged via a USB port these are the awesome features of e cigarettes one can buy them and enjoy.