images 11Quitting smoking doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process involving a series of steps which every smoker ought to follow in order to stop endangering their lives as well as those of the people close. There are a few things that need to be taken into account as they will help one to buy the right kit.

Product quality

With e-cig hitting the market with a boom a lot of e-cig products have emerged. To ensure that you choose the best consider the brand reputation. This is possible by visiting the supplier website and get people’s review. Such measure will give one the idea of what to expect once you choose to use that brand e-cig.

Many companies offer warranties on their products.Know how their warranty works and if something goes wrong have your receipts close. It also important to keep in mind that the component in e-cig is manufactured in china. Ensure that you double check on the quality.

Option and flexibility

Before you choose a certain e-cig evaluate the various options, parts and accessories it uses. If you are not satisfied with the device performance check other models and how they operate. Consider other products such as e-liquid that the model uses and if it has interchangeable cartilages.

Long term cost

Buying and e–cig means you will be using it probably for the rest one year or so. This can be clarified as long term and need to take into consideration. The finance part is what mostly highlighted here is. You might find that one e-cig is cheap but the other accessories quite expensive. Do weight your pocket and do the math and settle for the best price e-cigarette (beste pris e-sigarett) in range your budget.

The overall experience

This is also called the throat hit. V2 cig and ever smoke are some of the product at the top of the game when it comes to throat hit. They have a high amount of vapor with the user reporting a similar experience to using a traditional cigarette.


The battery life is taken into consideration under this category. How long does it last, is it easy to charge or take long hours to do so. If you are a heavy smoker it means that you will be using the e-cig frequently. The last thing you want to have an e-cig that runs low very time you take several puffs. Ensure that the battery last long.