image 11About 15 million people take care of their loved ones living with Alzheimer disease. Knowing how to care for someone with Alzheimer’s is one of the ways to reduce the negatively associated effects that comes with such responsibilities.

One of the main challenges is the difficult behavior that is presented by the person. Eating and bathing are some of the basic daily activities that a person with Alzheimer need to be assisted. Sometimes they are not cooperative calling for patient and perseverance of their irritability.

If you are traveling or going out you need to have card written that the person has a disease that needs extra time in handling. The please be patient cards will be effective when ordering is food in a hotel or when shopping.

Dealing with diagnosis

Finding out that your loved ones have dementia can be stressful and overwhelming. Here are some tips that will help in handling the situation.

Contact Alzheimer association and find the treatment option and other problem solving information. Find a support group for both you and the person. Note that support group will only be possible if the person is in the early stages of the disease.

Start planning for the future as early as possible. By future, I mean who is to do what when it comes to financial and sharing family responsibility of the person.


This is another area that needs high level of understanding. Try to communicate with the person and understand and what they want. This is only possible if you use simple and short sentences when addressing them. However don’t talk to them like babies this will agitate them if they notice.

Minimize destruction such as loud music. This will help the person to focus on what he/she want to say. Call their names every time you want to talk to them so as to win the attention. Give them time to compose hear speech and assist on what they probably want to say.


Some people with Alzheimer don’t mind bathing. Others are frightened by water and need to be convinced that no harm will come to them. Be gentle, patient and calm as you do so. Try using sponged and make sure that everything you need to bath them is ready.


You will notice that dressing is a challenge to people with Alzheimer. Encourage them to dress themselves. Give them time to figure out what goes where. This is some of the activities that they need to try on their own and when they do succeed hail the, with compliments.