It’s probably a fact to say that we all have at once woken up with neck pain or have other neck pain related issue .13% of American adults both men and women suffer from neck pain. Most of the neck pain arise from the tendon, ligaments, and muscles which are collectively known as soft tissues.images 11

Muscle strain and muscle spasm are caused by underlying neck problems e.g. disc degeneration, arthritis, and spinal stenosis. They can also be triggered by trauma or by just other unidentifiable reason. Whether your neck is experiencing some chronic condition or just woke up today with the neck pain, there are tips that every Best Chiropractor in Greenville nc will tell to help avoid neck problems.

Try a new pillow

Good comfort is important as one sleep, but most people use the wrong material pillows resulting to neck pains. The thumb rule is using a pillow that keeps the cervical spine in a neutral alignment.By this I mean the spine been in a natural curve.

Some people will notice that neck pain decreases when they lie down with their back and head supported by a relatively flat pillow. Other support their head with a pillow when side was lying and other using adjustable beds inclining their upper body part.

Sleep on your back if possible

Sleeping on your back is the best sleeping position. This is because the entire spine rest comfortably.Those suffering from stenosis prefer to sleep with the head slightly inclined.If you prefer resting on your side, the pillow should not be too high. The height should prevent the head and the neck from turning.

Ensure that the computer is at same level with the eye level

Every time you work on your computer ensures that you sit comfortably in front of the computer .The gaze should be directly in the middle of the screen of equipment. Laptops often require the head to bend downward. If you work on them for long, try and connect them to a different monitor.

Avoid neck strain from texting

Every time you text one has to look down on their phone. To reduce associated pain try lifting your phone higher close to the eye level and minimize texting.

Use headsets

If it’s impossible to stay away from the use phone devices that limits the number of time you have to bend to receive or text. This includes headsets.

Exercise and stretch your neck

Keeping the muscles of your neck string is highly advised. The simplest way is by exercising with chin tuck will help to strengthen the muscle that pulls the head into alignment with the shoulders.