images 11Physical exercise is one of the best ways to lose weight and stay fit. However exercising is not fun to the majority and hence one of the reasons why people avoid it and opt to use chemicals and detox to shed weight. Well, the fact is one may manage to lose weight but think of the side effect when such toxic substances accumulate in the body.

If you think of such a situation, critically you will opt to go with physical exercise despite it been time-consuming and less fun. However, not all exercise are less entertaining as we put it. Think of an outdoor fitness training e.g. fitness training rushcutter bay park or cycling.

The rise of cycling in Sydney as a way of physical exercise can be attributed to many factors. The reason one opts to use a bike to move around instead of any other means of transport can be personal or a common reason that transcends and resonates among all cyclists. Some of these possible reasons include;


Health issues take precedence in our daily lives these days. Everything we do tends to have considerations of health matters. A lot has been told about the benefits of cycling, and very many people have headed to the call of cycling as a means of transport and as a means of getting fit.

By targeting and burning fat deposits in the abdomen and the legs, cycling help a great deal in efforts of weight loss.


At a personal level, cycling provides a great deal of conveniences. You do not have to worry about traffic when you are cycling. Bikes have a lot of flexibility inherent in them. You can move virtually around a city unimpeded, unlike vehicles.

Environmental Soundness

On the environmental front, cycling is one of the cleanest means of transportation. With many organizations and governments putting more effort in a resoling matter of global warming, any reduction in greenhouse gas emission is welcomed. As a whole, cycling has been shown to produce very little greenhouse gasses. This means that cycling is very environment-friendly and leave the little footprint to the environment if any.

The realization of such benefits has prompted many cities around the world to create room for cyclists. Many cities have set up cycling lanes, bike racks, bike garages and much more bicycle related services. Such efforts cushions countries against the reliance of fuel driven vehicles, eliminating to some extent the effects of erratic oil prices in the world market.

Such exercise among others is conducted in and around the park. Along otherthey are designed to put one to the limits. The environment is conducive, and when done in a group it’s full of fun. Joining the classes is easy and almost comes with no expensive to encourage more people despite the age or financial status to join.